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Monday, September 13, 2004


SEPTEMBER 13, 2004


This presidential election has come down to one issue; “commander-in-chief” George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry fighting over which privileged man gets the power to “rule” We, the People.

It is no longer about We, the People having the power to alter or abolish government when it no longer redresses our grievances.

It is now about two political parties appointing the man they choose for us to “vote” for; much as it is in those countries we formerly went to monitor.

When we did not “vote” the right way in 2000, it was decided we could no longer be trusted with our guaranteed right to vote and it was taken away from us.

We all know what has been going on since that date; the fraudulent voting machines that can switch votes that have no paper trail, the same felon lists devised by Katherine Harris (rewarded with a Congressional seat), the “Jim Crow” rules to make voter registration difficult, closing voting places in poor neighborhoods because of “low voter turnout”( CA recall election), and other new and old methods too numerous to mention. (The most complete list can be found in the 1965 Civil Rights Commission Report on the 2000 election that Attorney General Ashcroft buried.)

George W. Bush points to his failures as successes and his Republican controlled “media” never disagrees. The Free Press guaranteed in the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights no longer reports both sides of an issue; in fact, some issues never get reported or are buried under an onslaught of that old Reagan denial know as “disinformation” - commonly known as lies.

But no where is PRIVILEGE more evident than what is going on among two veteran groups who should know better. The attack dogs of the “Swift boat veterans for truth” seem not to realized what they have done. They have given the privileged Bush a “pass” on his military desertion while decreeing that someone who actually saw combat and shed blood is vilified!


In an election year why are we embroiled in the middle of a fight about the military service of the two men running for president of the United States?

•A very important reason is 1,007 known dead National Guard and military soldiers sent to war on Bush’s orders.

•A very important reason is that both men plan to continue this war indeterminately.

•A very important reason is that both men realize (or should) that they must implement the draft in order to send more troops into VietNam, er, Iraq.

•A very important reason that those drafted will be young boys (perhaps girls) between the ages of 18 and 26 and they will be voting for the man who sends them to die in Iraq.

•A very important reason, because at this moment, one of these candidates will have the power to determine who among Our children shall have the POWER OF PRIVILEGE to avoid service in Iraq.

And VietNam is the best scenario we have to gage whether you live and die based on the PRIVILEGE your POWER can buy.

Al Gore had the PRIVILEGE OF POWER; he chose not to use it. His father, a senator, could easily have kept him from VietNam. There is no doubt that the United States military does not relish telling senators their sons are dead; but the Bush campaign, in 2000, saying that Gore was “safe in Saigon” was an untruth not disputed by the media -- there are many veterans who could verify first hand that Saigon was not a “safe city”.

Dan Quale, the first Bush’s vice president had the PRIVILEGE OF POWER, and he chose to use it. He spent the VietNam years safely berthed in the Coast Guard -- in a landlocked state.

Bill Clinton did not have the PRIVILEGE OF POWER; he could not use it. He came from one of the poorest states in the Union and from a family with modest means. He got his college education the old fashioned way, he earned it. Hard work and student loans gave him his opportunity for a way out and earned him a Rhodes Scholarship to England. Because of a new system known as the “lottery” he was never called to service.

Dick Cheney obviously had some POWER OF PRIVILEGE because, as he gruffly told us, he had more “important things to do” than to slog through the jungles of VietNam. Cheney received 5 deferments which took him, agewise, beyond the call of the draft.

Because of the rising furor over the majority of those being drafted to VietNam being mostly the poor and minorities, the notorious “lottery” was established to improve the “fairness” of the draft on December 1, 1969 -- one year after George W. Bush graduated from Yale University. It was supposed to eliminate deferments but, as we can see from our list, that didn’t necessarily happen.

To our knowledge, none of the men listed above were ever called to serve in VietNam. But, according to their birthdates, here are their draft numbers. Being between the ages of 18 and 26 on December 1, 1969 they would be subject to the draft whenever their “number” came up. The unlucky birthdate of September 14 assured your trip to VietNam; it was the first number drawn by lottery.

Remember, these birthdates are also subject to the men’s birthdates registered in that area. Such as; Hope, Arkansas would have far fewer birthdates to choose from than say, the pool in Boston, MA.

Bush’s number was 327 and it was said that he was subject to the draft upon his graduation from Yale in 1968. His father “pulled a few strings” and he jumped the list to become a member of the Texas Air National Guard. However, the oldest member of the group, Cheney would have had a number of 163 and received a total of 5 draft deferments. Clinton, with number 311 was never called to serve, therefore needed no deferments. Gore, with 30, refused his father’s offer of using PRIVILEGE AND POWER and went to VietNam. Kerry, 39, as we all know volunteered for VietNam. There is no indication than anyone ever offered to exert any effort to keep him from volunteering or offered a slot in the National Guard by “jumping the list”. Quale, 210, quickly placed himself in the Coast Guard, and it is said that PRIVILEGE AND POWER was used to protect him from serving in VietNam.

These are the “babyboomer” now in a position of POWER in this country. Since the tide of Our country has turned to invasion and occupation, you would think those who took extraordinary efforts to keep from going to VietNam would keep their mouths shut about the service of those who did go. But the arrogance of POWER seems to override caution. Clinton, who was never called to serve, was called a “draft dodger” by those who used the PRIVILEGE OF POWER and influence to keep from being drafted.

Among the 104 Senators serving We, the People, 70 of those have never served in the military. Even removing the fourteen women senators, that leaves more than half of the Senate who did not serve during a war; whether during peacetime or in time of combat.

These are the men who passed Bush the POWER to invade Iraq. These are the men who handed that POWER over to an unseasoned, untried, commander-in-chief who had refused to go to war in VietNam, and gave him the POWER of life and death for thousands of United States citizens. And these are the men who never questioned the ligitimacy of his claims.

So, if it is fair to question Senator John Kerry’s service, his vote to invade Iraq; there is even more reason to question Bush’s non-service . What we know of him does not convince us that he had the attention span to “stay the course”. Those 1,007 deaths and those multiple injured do not clutter his “beautiful mind” now that he has had his way.

When Bush’s life was on the line, and PRIVILEGE AND POWER gave him a choice, he chose to use that PRIVILEGE AND POWER not to serve in VietNam. When PRIVILEGE AND POWER bought him a place in the Texas Air National Guard, he chose not to fulfill his six year commitment; did not take his responsibility as a fighter pilot seriously; abandoning it in favor of campaigning for one of his father’s friends, WHILE OTHERS WITHOUT POWER AND PRIVILEGE DIED SO THAT HE WAS FREE TO CAMPAIGN FOR HIS FATHER’S FRIEND!

And now Bush has chosen to denigrate the blood John Kerry shed in VietNam in Bush’s place; and the amount of blood does not matter because Bush shed NONE!!!

After the 2004 election, a draft will come, and your child will be in the pipeline to Iraq. Do you seriously believe that your vote for Bush will give you the PRIVILEGE AND POWER, to say to that draft board, “I don’t want my child to go.”? Do you seriously believe that your son or daughter will have the POWER to tell that draft board that they prefer to participate in an election campaign rather than serve in Iraq where they might die?

PRIVILEGE AND POWER...the lives we lead, and sometimes life and death, depend upon the conscience of those who wield it. I’ll take Kerry’s swift boat service over Bush’s National Guard disappearing act any day. He may not be my choice, but his use of PRIVILEGE AND POWER seems to be doing less damage than Bush’s use of PRIVILEGE AND POWER, and that seems to be the best that We, the People can expect in this new world we live in!


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