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Thursday, September 23, 2004


SEPTEMBER 23, 2004


Enough, I say! I have just read a news article stating that the Bush campaign is requesting the election regulators to allow it to raise unlimited individual donations to cover the costs of a recount!

Why are they asking for this unlimited monetary resource two months before the election? Their excuse was that it was done in the 2000; however, one thing they DON’T tell you is that Bush didn’t want a recount of the disputed election -- in fact he went all the way to the Supreme Court to get it stopped!!

And now he is demanding the right to raise cash to fund a “recount”? Does he have some secret information that he will be loosing this one and wants advance planning in case the Supreme Court can’t deliver another one?

What is his motive???

What, indeed, since his whole campaign has been conducted under seal of a “loyalty oath” and behind closed doors. Just where do We, the People, those arbitrators of government, fit into his scheme to reclaim his thrown, er, position of power?

Since the wealthiest 1% of the country seems to be in his back pocket; having contributed millions of dollars to make sure he is reappointed, and the owner of that vote machine company has already assured us that he plans to see Bush back in the Oval Office; what makes him think that our voting for the other guy will make any more difference than it did in 2000?

My suggestion is that, if we need a recount, let the federal government pick up the cost. I know, I know, we have this gazillion dollar deficit that will last longer than Yucca Mountain radiation, BUT, let’s skim a few dollars in tax money from Halliburton and pay for any “recount”.

Or, we could just skip the whole thing and do what Rep. Corrine Brown suggested, bring in election monitors to ensure a fair count of ALL the votes.

What a radical idea!


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